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North Kingstown, RI 02852

Currently Offered

BACKFLOW TESTING (Please Contact for Pricing)

  • Provides Testing, Repair, and Install of Backflow Prevention units to ensure the protection of the water system from downstream contaminants.
  • Conducts Cross Connection surveys throughout the system to help identify potential issues.


  • Assists with collection of any water samples your system requires whether they be for compliance or in house monitoring.
  • Assists with planning of the sampling programs required by any regulatory agencies.
  • Will deliver samples to the laboratory, coordinate with them to receive results and assist with reporting compliance and concerns.
  • Assists with internal laboratory testing issues and procedures.

FIRE HYDRANT SERVICING (Please Contact for Pricing)

  • Will help keep your system compliant with state regulations requiring your hydrants to be serviced annually, including verifying proper flow rates, functionality, ease of operation, and painting for aesthetic purposes.
  • Will assist with diagnosing potential issues with hydrants.
  • Will provide reports for each hydrant to keep for your records.

Cross-Connection Survey (please contact for pricing)

  • We have licensed cross-connection surveyors on staff to provide surveys to any individual, system, or business that needs them completed.
  • The survey determines if any cross connections exist within a distribution system and provides a report of any issues to be addressed broken down per property/facility.
  • -Surveys can be requested for individual properties, custom portions of systems, or for full system surveys. As such pricing is specific to project size and specifications, please reach out for details.

If you have any interest in or questions about any of these services, please contact us by email at [email protected]

Coming Soon


  • Assists with composing your annual Consumer Confidence Report to ensure the information is presented in as accurate and informative way as possible.
  • Provide you with a place to host the report on our website for your customers to view that meets the State‚Äôs requirement for it to be accessed on the web.


  • Performs Vital Flushing to help maintain and improve system health and performance.
  • Assists with planning or optimizing of your flushing plans.
  • Troubleshoots potential issues related to poor flushing plan performance.